Best Chromebooks on the Market

AcerChromebook15-CB3-531Laptops are a valuable and pertinent aspect of many professional lives. They can be used for work, play, various kinds of research, and are just an all around good asset to have. In this artical we are going to focus on Chromebooks and which ones are the best on the market. As the name implies, a Chromebook uses the Google Chrome search engine. This had been very credible to many online Web surfers. In this artical we be listing several different Chromebooks, their uses, and functions, specs and pros and cons.
The first Chromebook on the list is the Chromebook Pixel. Containing a state of the art Core i5 processor, high resolution screen and enough RAM to store as much work as you need, this Chromebook is by far one of the best of it’s class. This Chromebook has a lot of power and exquisite performance, absolutely one of the most scientifically engineered designs to date. This Chromebook, however is slightly on the expensive side and for the price of one of these, one could invest in about two or three cheaper laptops.
The next Chromebook on our list is the Acer Chromebook 15. This Chromebook is definitely one for the smart shopper. It is the first of it’s kind with a 15.6-inch screen, as well as the first to include a Broadwell processor. This laptop does not at all seem conducive to that of a “budget” type laptop, however it will certainly fit into yours. This Chromebook is absolutely excellent for the avid multi-tasker. It’s simply better built and equipped over various Windows laptops and comes for a way better price.
The Dell Chromebook 11, which start at $299, is an extremely affordable laptop that definitely doesn’t seem like it was manufactured on a budget. This Dell, compared to other laptops on today’s market, has more than enough potential to hold its own amongst other laptops. The Dell Chromebook 11 features two USB 3.0 ports. What makes this laptop particularly amazing is that it gives users the option of mobility away from outlets. This laptop is also great for use with a mobile hotspot.
The Lenovo N20p is an extremely Versatile Chromebook, with a very reasonable price. This Chromebook features a 303 – degree hinge, which allows users to flip the N20p’s display all the way back and use it as a tent – style stand. This feature makes it perfect for the avid movie downloader, as well as for the budding professional trying to showcase a presintation. The N20p also features a touchscreen, which is very state of the art. This Chromebook is the best for leisure and fun.
The Toshiba Chromebook 2 is one of the few Chromebook featuring a brilliant and beautiful 1080p resolution screen. The starting price for this Toshiba Chromebook is $329, making it extremely affordable to those looking to get a good laptop for a great price. Featuring the 1080p screen and a lot of RAM, also coming with a great speaker system attached, for the price and package, there really isn’t much to complain about with this Chromebook.
Next, the HP Chromebook 11, is another money saving chromebook, which starts at $279. This Chromebook features a slim and sleek design, which to users, still feels strong and sturdy. With all its hook ups and state of the art manufacturing, this Chromebook can easily compete with Apple’s products, and you can get it for a fraction of the price.
The Acer C720 is the Chromebook for anyone looking for quality at a great price. Starting at $199, this Chromebook is definitely one of the most affordable on the markets today. Featuring a lot of app hookups and great Internet, the C720 is a true Web appliance. This Chromebook is also perfect for anyone who types a lot and performs a lot of research, a must have for college students. This Chromebook can also be connected, via WiFi, to printers in order to print out papers and research.
With a good bit of research, you can easily find an excellent Chromebook that fits your budget. With great processors, designs, appliances, search engines and plenty more, there really is no going wrong with a good Chromebook. There are plenty to choose from on the market and it really all come down to your individual needs and preferences. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of Chromebooks to accommodate you.


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